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StoneMod ID Protein name UniProt ID Modulator score (score < 50 : weak,
score ≥ 50 : solid )
Modulatory effects
P-07085 L-2-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase, mitochondrial Q9H9P85
P-07113 L-amino-acid oxidase Q96RQ95
P-07114 L-aminoadipate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase-phosphopantetheinyl transferase Q9NRN75
P-07146 L-dopachrome tautomerase P401265
P-07327 L-fucose kinase Q8N0W35
P-07395 L-lactate dehydrogenase A chain P0033815
P-07396 L-lactate dehydrogenase A-like 6A Q6ZMR315
P-07397 L-lactate dehydrogenase A-like 6B Q9BYZ215
P-07398 L-lactate dehydrogenase B chain P071955
P-07399 L-lactate dehydrogenase C chain P078645
P-07444 L-selectin P1415120
P-07445 L-serine dehydratase/L-threonine deaminase P2013210
P-07446 L-seryl-tRNA(Sec) kinase Q8IV425
P-07451 L-xylulose reductase Q7Z4W15
P-07119 La-related protein 1 Q6PKG05
P-07120 La-related protein 1B Q659C45
P-07121 La-related protein 4 Q71RC25
P-07122 La-related protein 4B Q926155
P-07123 La-related protein 6 Q9BRS85
P-07124 La-related protein 7 Q4G0J35
P-07086 Lactadherin Q0843110
P-07088 Lactase-like protein Q6UWM75
P-07087 Lactase/phlorizin hydrolase P098485
P-07089 Lactoperoxidase P2207910
P-07090 Lactosylceramide 4-alpha-galactosyltransferase Q9NPC45
P-07091 Lactosylceramide alpha-2,3-sialyltransferase Q9UNP45
P-00006 Lactotransferrin P0278865
P-07092 Lactoylglutathione lyase Q047605
P-07093 Ladinin-1 O005155
P-07094 Laforin O9527810
P-07095 Laforin, isoform 9 B3EWF75
P-07096 Lamin tail domain-containing protein 2 Q8IXW05
P-07099 Lamin-B1 P207005
P-07100 Lamin-B2 Q032525
P-07097 Lamina-associated polypeptide 2, isoform alpha P421665
P-07098 Lamina-associated polypeptide 2, isoforms beta/gamma P421675
P-00007 Laminin -50
P-07101 Laminin subunit alpha-1 P2539110
P-07102 Laminin subunit alpha-2 P2404310
P-07103 Laminin subunit alpha-3 Q1678710
P-07104 Laminin subunit alpha-4 Q163635
P-07105 Laminin subunit alpha-5 O1523010
P-07106 Laminin subunit beta-1 P079425
P-07107 Laminin subunit beta-2 P552685
P-07108 Laminin subunit beta-3 Q137515
P-07109 Laminin subunit beta-4 A4D0S45
P-07110 Laminin subunit gamma-1 P1104710
P-07111 Laminin subunit gamma-2 Q137535
P-07112 Laminin subunit gamma-3 Q9Y6N65
P-07115 LanC-like protein 2 Q9NS865
P-07116 LanC-like protein 3 Q6ZV705
P-07117 Lanosterol 14-alpha demethylase Q1685010
P-07118 Lanosterol synthase P484495
P-07125 Large neutral amino acids transporter small subunit 2 Q9UHI55
P-07126 Large neutral amino acids transporter small subunit 3 O753875
P-07127 Large neutral amino acids transporter small subunit 4 Q8N3705
P-07128 Large proline-rich protein BAG6 P463795
P-07129 Large subunit GTPase 1 homolog Q9H0895
P-07130 Lariat debranching enzyme Q9UK595
P-07131 Late cornified envelope protein 2A Q5TA795
P-07132 Late cornified envelope protein 2B O146335
P-07133 Late cornified envelope protein 2C Q5TA815
P-07134 Late cornified envelope protein 2D Q5TA825
P-07135 Late cornified envelope protein 5A Q5TCM95
P-07136 Late cornified envelope protein 7A P0DV605
P-07137 Late secretory pathway protein AVL9 homolog Q8NBF65
P-07138 Latent-transforming growth factor beta-binding protein 1 Q1476620
P-07139 Latent-transforming growth factor beta-binding protein 2 Q1476720
P-07140 Latent-transforming growth factor beta-binding protein 3 Q9NS1520
P-07141 Latent-transforming growth factor beta-binding protein 4 Q8N2S120
P-07142 Lateral signaling target protein 2 homolog Q9HCC95
P-07143 Lathosterol oxidase O758455
P-07144 Layilin Q6UX155
P-07145 Lck-interacting transmembrane adapter 1 Q9H4005
P-07147 Lebercilin Q86VQ05
P-07148 Lebercilin-like protein O954475
P-07149 Lecithin retinol acyltransferase O952375
P-07150 Left-right determination factor 1 O756105
P-07151 Left-right determination factor 2 O002925
P-07152 Legumain Q995385
P-07153 Leiomodin-1 P2953610
P-07154 Leiomodin-3 Q0VAK65
P-07155 Leishmanolysin-like peptidase Q96KR45
P-07156 LEM domain-containing protein 2 Q8NC565
P-07157 Lengsin Q5TDP610
P-07158 Lens epithelial cell protein LEP503 Q9Y5L55
P-07159 Lens fiber major intrinsic protein P303015
P-07160 Leptin P4115910
P-07161 Leptin receptor P483575
P-07162 Leptin receptor overlapping transcript-like 1 O952145
P-07163 Lethal(2) giant larvae protein homolog 1 Q153345
P-07164 Lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like protein 1 Q9Y4685
P-07165 Lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like protein 2 Q969R55
P-07166 Lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like protein 3 Q96JM75
P-07167 Lethal(3)malignant brain tumor-like protein 4 Q8NA195
P-07168 LETM1 domain-containing protein 1 Q6P1Q05
P-07169 LETM1 domain-containing protein LETM2, mitochondrial Q2VYF45
P-07170 Leucine carboxyl methyltransferase 1 Q9UIC85
P-07171 Leucine rich adaptor protein 1 Q96LR25
P-07172 Leucine rich adaptor protein 1-like Q8IV035