About StoneMod

StoneMod has been initiated in 2018 with the aim to build a database that integrates all relevant information of kidney stone modulators with experimental evidence. Because calcium oxalate is the most common type of kidney stones and occupies >77% of all kidney stones analyzed, this version of database focuses on modulators of calcium oxalate crystallization, crystal growth, aggregation, and adhesion to renal tubular cells. Informative details of each modulatory protein and PubMed links to the published articles are provided. Additionally, hyperlinks to other protein/gene databases (i.e., UniProtKB, Swiss-Prot, Protein Atlas, PeptideAtlas, and Ensemble) are made available for the users to obtain additional in-depth information of each protein. In addition to periodic deposition and update by our team, the StoneMod database also provides a submission form on “data submission” tab to allow the users to deposit or update their own information into the database manually.

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"Funded by the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT): High-Potential Research Team Grant Program (N42A660625)."